Health & Safety Services

Health & Safety Services

Health and safety services

Our Expertise

In ADE’s Health and Safety Services department, Qualified and Certified Occupational Hygienists, Licenced Asbestos Assessors, scientists and engineers collaborate to assess and minimise exposure to occupational health hazards, including chemical, physical, biological, ergonomic and psychosocial agents. We are able to provide excellent information, training and toolbox sessions.

ADE has extensive experience in civil projects, mining, oil and gas, chemical manufacturing, rail possessions, building, utilities, education, childcare and aged care, health, high risk industries, confined space entry risk management and working around vulnerable people.

Core Services

Occupational Health & Hygiene Risk Management
Developing Occupational Health Hygiene and Wellness Plan (OHHWMP) informed by our:

  • L1RA – desktop qualitative risk assessment
  • L2RA – “walkthrough” assessment
  • L3RA – quantitative RA based on monitoring data
Assurance auditing on controls including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Development of occupational hygiene monitoring programs
COVID Safe Plans
Occupational Hygiene
Exposure assessments (qualitative and quantitative) of airborne contaminants such as dust and welding fumes, Asbestos, Lead, Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS) occupational noise, hand-arm vibrations, whole-body vibrations, hazardous substance and thermal stress
Outdoor and indoor air quality and work environment assessments
Advice on controls to reduce risk and meet regulatory compliance
Fit tests for respiratory protection equipment
Hazardous substances and dangerous goods risk management
Hazardous Materials & Building Audits (Full Compliance Report)
Assessments identifying potentially hazardous building materials across an array of buildings and space
Asbestos, lead in paint, dust, soils
Synthetic mineral fibre
Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)
Ozone depleting substances and synthetic greenhouse gases
Other hazardous/unidentified materials including: mould, microbial activity and chemical residues
Full Asbestos Hygiene Capabilities
Asbestos awareness training
Asbestos Material Surveys (compliance and pre-demolition)
Preparation and review of Asbestos Registers, Management Plans (AMPs) and controls plans
Control/background environmental asbestos monitoring
LAAs able to conduct smoke testing for the seal of asbestos enclosures
The performance of asbestos clearances
Onsite ID and asbestos fibre counting using satellite NATA labs
Expediting confirmation of asbestos fibres within a sample matrix by scanning electron microscopy (SEM)
Provision of an emergency/priority illegal dumping and clearance service
Mould & Microbiology
Mould and microbiological investigations
Building materials moisture content
Response to storm and accidental water release claims
Clandestine Drug Laboratories
Assessment and clean up validation of illegal methamphetamine labs/houses
Suspected activity or post police report
Pre/post lease with or without building condition assessment


Massoud Eshraghi

National Technical Lead (Health & Safety Services)

0421 751 262

Marjetica McAuley

State Health & Safety Lead (NSW)

0414 706 056