Asbestos & Hazardous Materials Surveys

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ADE has a large team of highly experienced licensed asbestos assessors (LAA) and hazardous materials consultants based in Sydney, Newcastle and Melbourne, giving us the scope we need to undertake hazardous materials surveys and investigations throughout Australia.

We are passionate about providing the right outcomes for our clients, and also for supporting safe and sustainable communities. To achieve these dual aims, we deploy assessors with a strong background in Occupational Hygiene, who will provide tailored support in pursuit of your objectives. Our asbestos surveys and reports ensure compliance with the New South Wales asbestos register and integrate with your business’ current procedures and protocols.

ADE’s own in-house NATA accredited laboratory (Sydney Laboratory Services) allows for rapid response and fast reporting turnaround time. In special cases, ADE can provide your Asbestos Survey Report the following working day, if required.

Surveys and Tests We Provide

  • Asbestos materials surveys and reports, including sampling and laboratory analysis
  • Hazardous materials surveys, sampling and laboratory analysis
  • Identification of asbestos, lead in paint, lead in dust, Synthetic Mineral Fibre (SMF), Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs), and ozone depleting substances
  • Asbestos air monitoring
  • Lead air monitoring
  • SMF air monitoring
  • Asbestos and hazardous materials clearance inspections
  • Hazardous materials remediation and project management
  • NATA accredited laboratory services
  • Respiratory equipment fit tests

Our Asbestos Reports Include

Scope of Work – defines the scope of the inspection
Asbestos Register – contains the results of the survey in an easy to read format, indicating the location, type, extent and conditions of any hazardous materials detected.
Analysis Results – summarises the laboratory results of samples collected during the inspection.
Management Plan / Work Plan – includes recommended type of action for any asbestos materials identified.

The Asbestos Materials Survey Reports comply with the following acts and codes of practices:

  • Work Health And Safety Regulation 2011
  • Work Health And Safety Act 2011
  • AS2601 (2001) The Demolition of Structures
  • NSW Code of Practice: How to Manage and Control Asbestos in the Workplace
  • NSW Code of Practice: How to Safely Remove Asbestos

Laboratory Accreditations

 ISO 17025 NATA accredited testing laboratory for:

  • Qualitative Identification of Asbestos, SMF and Organic bulk samples
  • Membrane Filter Method for Estimating Airborne Asbestos
  • Lead by AES (microwave plasma) using in-house ESA-MP-O5


Our Clients

  • Multinational Organisations
  • Government and Public Departments
  • Private Organisations
  • Private Individuals
  • Excavation and Remediation Companies
  • Asbestos Removal Companies

Our Projects

  • State Significant Road and Rail Infrastructure Projects
  • Large and Small Development Sites
  • Development Applications (DA)
  • Government Projects
  • Refurbishment and Demolition Projects
  • Due Diligence Works