Managing waste in a responsible and a sustainable manner is a major concern for Australian businesses. Our waste analysis services are conducted with a considered strategic approach which integrates directly with your business’ structure and operations. During each phase of the process, we offer complete transparency and close support, working with you to achieve what you need. Legal compliance, a more streamlined and efficient set of protocols, and a more precise route to where you want to take your business – all of this can be achieved through competent waste classification and management.

ADE offers a wide variety of services, each tailored specifically to the needs of your business. We undertake a large number of waste classifications across New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, and assist our clients with money saving waste management solutions and support.

Our Services and Solutions

Waste Classifications

Waste Import and Export Management
Waste Recycling and Re-use Projects
Spoil Management and Control

Waste Water Irrigation

As costs for disposal of wastes increase, generators of wastewater such as olive groves, wineries and sewerage plants have increasing looked at the viability of discharge to land such as golf courses. To ensure potential environmental impacts are managed appropriately, ADE is able to provide services to both the wastewater producers and receivers, including:

  • Detailed hydrogeological assessments and routine groundwater monitoring
  • Soil assessments
  • Surface water monitoring
  • Soil moisture modelling
  • Water balance calculations
  • Waste stream analysis

An Accredited Team You Can Rely On

When you decide to work with ADE, you are choosing a team of experienced environmental consultants, geotechnical engineers, chemists and technicians who will apply the highest level of expertise to your project.

Our methods of analysis and in-house laboratory (Sydney Laboratory Services) are accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities – NATA.

Our Clients

We have broad experience in producing the right results for a wide variety of clients and across a multitude of different waste classification consultancy projects. We work with:

  • Multinational Organisations
  • Government and Public Departments
  • Private Organisations
  • Private Individuals
  • Removal and Site Remediation Companies
  • Excavation and Haulage Companies

Our Projects

We provide expert waste classification services and waste management solutions across projects as diverse as:

  • Road and Rail Infrastructure Projects
  • Tunnelling Works
  • Residential, Commercial and Industrial Development Sites
  • Landfill and Quarry Sites

Find out more about our services:

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