Pipeline Condition Assessment

Pipeline Condition Assessment

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Our Expertise

ADE’s Pipeline Condition Assessment (PCA) department provides data and information concerning the performance of pressure water pipelines using a variety of methodologies and techniques based on pipe material. Our work is rooted in more than 30 years’ experience in the manufacture, installation, operation and performance of pipes and pipelines. Outcomes include the probability of failure and failure regimes for pipeline sections.

Our methodologies & techniques are:
Fit for purpose, addressing the failure mechanism for the relevant pipeline material and operational constraints
Cost effective
Equipped for providing quantitative outputs, which in turn can be extrapolated in space and time, producing data for both past and future performance
We enable our clients to:
Come to informed decisions
Identify high risk pipelines or sections of pipelines
Develop a Capital Expenditure Program for up to 20 years
Meet regulatory requirements
Make cost-effective decisions regarding pipeline replacement or maintenance


Condition Assessment of Pressure Water Main
Undertaking of Informed Desktop studies
Design of appropriate cost effective investigation methodologies
Conducting of Field surveys using a variety of techniques to obtain relevant data and Investigations
Analysis of all relevant data
Providing reporting and recommendations
Desktop Survey of Pipelines
Estimating the probability of failure
Consequences of failure
Criticality analysis
CapEx programming
Failure Investigations
Determining the causes of failure of pipes and pipelines
Indication of the likelihood of additional failures
Design an appropriate Methodology for assessment
Leak Detection of Pressure Water Mains
Small In-line inspection tool
Non-invasive correlation
Long term real time monitoring

For more information about ADE’s PCA division and their services, see the PCA website.


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