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A Day in the Life of an ADE Employee


One of our newest employees reflects on his first few months here at ADE, providing insights into a typical day of a consultant: "Whether I'm out on site, in the office or travelling around NSW, the life of an ADE worker is never dull. Working for an ever growing and reputable consultancy company in a

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ADE Expansion


Over the past 24 months ADE has experienced unprecedented levels of growth, both in terms of overall personnel and the scale and scope of projects in which we are involved. At present approximately 50 workers are now employed in varying capacities for ADE. As a result, we have quickly outstripped the capacity of the office

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From Strength to Strength


Over the past 18 months, ADE has continued its trajectory of exponential growth with the company expanding at an unprecedented rate. Since the end of last financial year, the company has hired 12 additional personnel to keep working apace with the increasing demands for ADE’s services. This represents approximately a 38% growth in overall size

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Sick Building Syndrome


Unexplained headaches, dizziness or flu-like symptoms? While there are obviously a range of causes which may cause these complaints, these can all be linked to the relatively little known Sick Building Syndrome. The term “Sick Building Syndrome” was coined by the WHO in 1986 when they estimated that 10-30% of newly built office buildings had

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A Guide to Understanding the Complexities of Asbestos Registers


Do You Know Your Obligations? As our society becomes increasingly litigious, it is easy to be unaware of the sweep of legislative requirements with which you must comply. One area in which individuals are often unsure of their obligations is in relation to the creation of asbestos registers. What is an Asbestos Register? An asbestos

A Guide to Understanding the Complexities of Asbestos Registers2018-06-01T05:46:42+10:00
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