A Day in the Life of an ADE Employee

One of our newest employees reflects on his first few months here at ADE, providing insights into a typical day of a consultant:

“Whether I’m out on site, in the office or travelling around NSW, the life of an ADE worker is never dull. Working for an ever growing and reputable consultancy company in a constantly changing environment involves a lot of hard work and dedication but the end rewards of a job well done are highly satisfying.

In my role as an Environmental Consultant, a typical day might consist of me collecting appropriate samples from worksites at a client’s request for events such as environmental investigations, waste classification or water quality testing. For example, we take soil and air samples to see if they contain any hazardous materials, such as asbestos, heavy metals, BTEX, OCP/OPP, TRH, PAH, pH and PCBs. I then store these samples in a state of the art esky, keeping the samples cool, allowing the integrity of the results to be upheld. After field notes, maps and photographs have been taken of the worksite, the samples are then transported safely back to the laboratory at the office.

Here at ADE we are lucky to have our own high tech laboratory which allows us to offer quick TATs for our clients which is certainly an advantage in a highly competitive industry. This is great for me as when I arrive back at the office I can submit the samples for testing to the lab, confident in the knowledge I’ll have the results well within the time frame specified by the client (in some cases results can even be obtained the same day). This allows me to focus on writing an accurate and detailed report for the client on all findings and observations.

ADE is a unique company which runs efficiently thanks to the heart and soul of its entire staff… myself included. The company is full of young, driven, professionals with a passion for their job which is evident in all consultants, laboratory technicians and HR staff alike. Every single employee is lucky enough to work for a brilliant management team who are always willing to offer advice, help out and give direction whenever needed. All of this allows ADE to perform as a well oiled machine of which I can say I am proud to be a part of.

So there is a brief insight into my working life as an Environmental Consultant at ADE and I honestly couldn’t be happier in my job right now.”