Geotechnical & Construction Materials Testing

Geotechnical & Construction Materials Testing

Geotechnical services engineer at work

Our team of Geotechnicians based in Sydney conduct geotechnical and construction materials sampling and testing for a diverse range of clients throughout NSW, in accordance to the Australian Standard as well as the Roads and Maritime Services standard.

NATA accredited construction materials testing laboratories are supporting the detailed investigations undertaken by the Geotechnical Engineers for a wide variety of client projects, from large infrastructure projects to small residential developments.

We provide geotechnical and construction materials sampling & laboratory testing of:
Asbestos contaminated materials
Tests include:
Soil Compaction Testing
Soil Unconfined Compressive Test
Soil Classification – Atterberg limits and Linear shrinkage, Shrink-swell index (Iss) tests
Nuclear Density Testing
Rock Strength Test – direct unconfined compressive strength (UCS) tests and point load strength index testing
Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP)
Particle Size Distribution Analysis
California Bearing Ration (CBR) testing – AS & RMS Standards
Bearing Capacity Assessments
Dispersion – Emerson Class Number
Aggregate Testing – RMS methods
Concrete Testing
Thermal resistivity testing as per ASTM D5334 – 14
Chemical or asbestos contamination
Benkelman beam
TR Testing


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National Geotechnical Lead

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