Particle size distribution analysis

Particle size distribution analysis

Particle Size Distribution


ADE offers particle size distribution (sieving analysis) within our NATA accredited testing laboratory. We provide clients with a grading result which is representative of the material as a whole. Soil grading is necessary to determine the sheer strength, compressibility and the hydraulic conductivity of the material under examination.

Sampling of material; aggregates and soil from stockpiles is performed by ADE’s qualified team, using procedures and equipment outlined by Australian Standards series AS1141. These standards ensure that each sample taken, provides a representative indicator of all material present within the sampling zone.

We are accredited to perform:

  • Sampling of material (aggregates) as per AS1141
  • Sieve analysis to AS1289.3.6.1 or RMS T106/T107

Our geotechnical department can also conduct foreign materials testing according to RMS T276.


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National Geotechnical Lead

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