Spotlight: ADE Founder at UFJ, UFN Conference in Ukraine

Our esteemed founder and Ukrainian native, Dr. Allen Dobrovolsky, recently served as a keynote speaker at the United for Justice, United for Nature conference in Kiev, Ukraine. The event served as a crucial platform for convening the world’s leading experts and decision-makers from the legal, scientific and economic realms to discuss accountability for wartime damages resulting from the invasion of Ukraine.

Allen’s address focused on the existing and anticipated environmental contaminants of concern at a preliminary level, and stressed the need to develop a unified approach to further assess and define a framework for environmental restoration.

As the world continues to navigate these issues, the challenges faced by Ukraine resonate deeply with Allen and the entire ADE family. Such conferences and the gathering of critical minds play a pivotal role in understanding the profound impact of the war and in charting a course for rehabilitation into the future.

“Considering the adverse environmental situation in Ukraine caused by the Russian aggression, it is imperative to outline a comprehensive strategy to hold Russia accountable for the losses incurred by Ukraine in this war.”, says Allen. He recommends the following points be considered:

1. Completion of Environmental Investigation: Conduct a thorough environmental assessment of all areas impacted by the war. This investigation should identify and document the extent of contamination and assess the associated environmental damage.

2. Remediation of Contaminated Lands: Implement a robust remediation plan for lands found to be contaminated. This process should involve the safe and effective removal or treatment of pollutants to restore the affected areas to their pre-war environmental state.

3. Establish a Monitoring Program: Develop a long-term monitoring program for contaminant disposal landfills. This program should include regular assessments to track the effectiveness of remediation efforts and ensure that no further harm is caused to the environment.

4. Calculation of Environmental Damage Costs: Accurately calculate the financial cost of the environmental damage caused by the war. This should encompass all aspects, including the expenses associated with the environmental investigation, remediation efforts, and ongoing monitoring.

Allen concludes that “by meticulously executing these steps, Ukraine can build a solid case for seeking reparations from Russia for the extensive environmental losses endured during the conflict. This comprehensive approach ensures that not only is the immediate damage addressed, but measures are put in place to safeguard the environment in the long run.”