Over the past 24 months ADE has experienced unprecedented levels of growth, both in terms of overall personnel and the scale and scope of projects in which we are involved. At present approximately 50 workers are now employed in varying capacities for ADE. As a result, we have quickly outstripped the capacity of the office space at Unit 4/10-11 Millennium Ct., Silverwater.

In order to cope with the increased workload and larger workforce, ADE has expanded into a nearby office. As such, our in-house laboratory has expanded onto both floors at Unit 4/10-11, providing a greater capacity to deal with higher volumes of sampling, increased preparation space and the ability for future expansion into other areas. Meanwhile, all the consultants have relocated to Unit 6/7 Millennium Ct., Silverwater – a convenient two minute walk down the road!

These new facilities have provided us with some much needed additional space which will equip us to conduct our business more efficiently and effectively.

Feel free to drop by, say hi and check out our new premises!

ADE Head Office NSW
Unit 6/7 Millennium Ct.,
Silverwater, NSW, 2128, Australia
(02) 8541 7214

Sydney Laboratory Services
4/10-11 Millennium Ct.,
Silverwater, NSW, 2128, Australia
(02) 9648 6669

Email:[email protected]

Our offices in QLD, Melbourne and Newcastle:

PO Box 288
Upper Coomera LPO, QLD, 4209
(07) 5519 4610

ADE Melbourne
Unit 4/95 Salmon Street
Port Melbourne, 3207

ADE Newcastle
Unit 9 / 103 Glenwood Drive
Thornton, NSW