Voluntary Purchase and Demolition Program for Properties Containing Loose-Fill Asbestos

As was heavily reported by the media in 2015, a company known as Mr Fluffy used raw Amosite and Crocidolite asbestos, known as loose-fill asbestos, as ceiling insulation in some ACT and NSW homes in the 1960s and 1970s. In the 28 identified Local Government Areas (LGAs) where Mr Fluffy operated, the NSW Government offered free sample testing for loose-fill asbestos to owners of pre-1980s residential properties.

A list of the 28 LGA’s which fall under the scheme is provided in the following link:


Following risk assessment and consultation with industry experts, the NSW Government has determined that demolition, comprehensive site remediation and disposal is the best way to ensure the health and safety of the NSW community affected by Mr Fluffy.

To tackle this complex issue, NSW Fair Trading recently established the Loose-fill Asbestos Implementation Taskforce. The Taskforce is responsible for overseeing and implementing the Voluntary Purchase and Demolition Program, which is to be delivered by the government in four stages:

  • Assistance and Identification – testing and technical assessments and support for affected owners and tenants as they progress through the Program;
  • Purchase – valuation and purchase of affected properties;
  • Demolition – demolition of affected properties and remediation of the land; and
  • Sale – sale of remediated land.

Free Testing Program

Following a review by the government Taskforce, on the 29th June 2015, free sample testing of homes was announced as the first step in the Program, following the acceptance of the recommendations of a Taskforce Report into loose-fill asbestos.

If you think your house may be affected by Mr Fluffy asbestos, you can register online for the free testing program or call Service NSW on 13 77 88.

To be eligible for the NSW Government Program, homeowners must be registered for testing by 1 August 2016.

Owners of premises outside of the identified LGAs, while not eligible for free sample testing, can have their property privately tested by a Licensed Asbestos Assessor. If a positive test is confirmed by a Taskforce-supervised technical assessment, they will have the cost of the test refunded and be eligible for the Voluntary Purchase and Demolition Program.

Further information regarding the program can be found via the following link:


ADE have a number of qualified and highly experienced Accredited Asbestos Assessors that are able to assess your home for Mr Fluffy, at industry best prices. To organise inspection of your property, please call (02) 8541 7214.