Ecology Services

Ecology Services

Our Expertise

ADE provides technically rigorous ecological advice in a timely and cost-effective manner, where our clients are kept informed and give input throughout the process. We specialise in terrestrial ecology, with a focus on threatened species identification and assessment as well as vegetation assessment and management throughout Australia. Our team comprises a high-level knowledge of state and federal ecological legislation and regulation across Queensland, Western Australia, Victoria and New South Wales.


Management & Approvals
Compliance, environmental monitoring and development approvals advice and applications
Environmental impact assessment
Offset planning, including Bio-condition and Biobanking assessments and the preparation of biodiversity offset packages for development
Soil and water management plans
Assistance in provisional community liason
Fauna Spotter Catcher Services
Pre-clearance surveys and advice
On-site council clearing conditions and approvals meetings
Fauna management during operational works
Dewatering and aquatic fauna capture and relocation
Salvage and re-erection of hollow bearing trees and installation of nest boxes
Pre and post clearing reports
Terrestrial Ecological Services
Ecological Assessments
Biodiversity Assessments
Vegetation and habitat surveys and mapping
Regional Ecosystem mapping
Flora and fauna surveys and assessment
Threatened species surveys and management
Koala surveys, habitat assessment and infrastructure management
Ecological Assessment Report
Revegetation and bush regeneration planning + ongoing monitoring
Ecological condition monitoring
Landscape function analysis
Aquatic Ecological Services
Waterway and watercourse development assessments
Fish passage assessments
Water quality assessment
Aquatic habitat assessments
Aquatic flora surveys
Aquatic vertebrate and invertebrate surveys and assessment
Aquatic invasive species monitoring programs
Sediment and erosion control


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Operations Manager (QLD)

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